Energy goes where intention flows – how to recover quickly after an accident

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I want to share something personal with you today. Not long ago I found myself laying in a hospital bed after crashing down with my motorbike. I fell on the streets, rolled all the way down and had to go to the hospital for four days. When falling down I was wearing a helmet, but it came off and I injured my face quite badly. I couldn’t open my left eye for three days, my nose looked broken (but luckily it wasn’t) and my lip was very thick and painful. Also my knees where thick and all open and I couldn’t walk without support. What happend after my accident some consider a miracle, I was walking and back on my yogamat within a week! I feel so unbelievable lucky about it that I want to share with you the three main things about which I’m sure they served my quick proces of recovering!


Surround yourself with loving and supporting people

At the moment of the accident I was far away from home, living in Bali. Luckily I had made a few good friends in the first few weeks I was there. It is easy to make good friends when things are going great and everything is nice; finding people to go to a party with or to join you hanging out on the beach is not hard. It becomes more challenging to find good people who will be there for you during the hard times. Luckily my friends helped me to get to the hospital, hold my hand when I thought I lost my sight, took care of business with my insurance company and sat with me at my hospital bed with chocolate, laughter and support. I honestly don’t know how I would have survived all of this without them.

Staying positive and keeping a positive believe-system at all times

From the moment I was sitting in the taxi to the hospital until weeks later where I had to deal with the last scars everybody around me said everything was going to heal perfectly and I would recover in no time. Being in shock during the first hours and on painkillers in the hospital, my brain couldn’t think rationally so I chose to believe this positive affirmations, even though they didn’t match with the image of myself I saw in the mirror. I said to myself I would be back on my yogamat in no time, and that my face would just heal itself. I did not want to make space in my mind for negative thoughts to grow. Of course at times I was afraid and the thought of ”what if it will not..” crossed my mind, but I did not feed it with more energy and I would always put a positive thought against it, within the same second the first one came up. Then I would strongly focus on the positive thought. Remember: positive thoughts are always stronger than negative thoughts.


Having a group of pranic healers helping me from a distance

As being a pranic healer myself I understand that having an energetic body is just as important as having an physical. Working on your energy body will have a direct effect on your physical body. Being blessed with a group of pranic healers in the Netherlands they were so kind to offer me pranic healings from a distance every single day since I’ve been in the hospital. Because in the energetic world there are no limits you can receive pranic healing even from a long distance. All I needed to do is have an open mind and willing to receive the healing energy. Of course you can be skeptical on this way of healing, and although I do believe that my body would also heal itself without the pranic healing, in my case I’m sure that it would never happen in such a fast and miraculous way without the powerful pranic healings.


The accident happened a few weeks ago and I feel lucky to still be alive, without fractures or brain-damage. I can still do yoga every day and enjoy the bliss of having a healthy body. I have more gratitude towards life and the richness of being surrounded by loving people. I’m also very lucky that I’m in contact with some amazing pranic healers who are able to heal in a way that other practitioners can’t.

(Note: in critical situations always call the emergency number first and go to the hospital. Pranic healing is supplementary, it doesn’t replace regular healthcare)

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5 years 3 months ago

Thanks for sharing Maria.. Happy to read that you’re up and running again! Much love x Ice


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